Name:maria Age:44  (5/15/2015)
I would like to find a faithful, sincere and affectionate person, specially british.
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Name:friends Age:42  (3/21/2015)
thinking of the moments of joy such a short while ago, moments i might never share again. It was taking its toll on me too and I looked in the mirror and saw a face I didn't recognize. It was etched ...
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Name:vivian Age:35  (12/9/2014)
a loving, caring and responsible man who is willing to marry me...
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Name:izrafilou Age:28  (4/4/2014)
hello i want to be freind for people who like me. i want meet the woman who go be good nice and beautiful etc... i love every body men and woman . am looking for the woman who go be my wife for the future ...
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Name:karim Age:25  (4/2/2014)
Looking for a darlin partner in life and a business relation too.
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Name:oen Age:23  (3/22/2014)
someone who is fun to be with and sweet
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